We create an environment that respects the unique needs of our daughters and sons.


What We Teach

At Genesis Innovation Academy, a free public charter school,
we teach subjects that matter for 21st century success.

To support innovation, Genesis Curriculum teaches scholars the E5 Core, with an emphasis on comprehension, problem-solving, and real-world application. This model will ensure our scholars become the critical thinkers who succeed in the new economy.



How We Teach

Genesis firmly believes that classrooms should be geared toward what students learn and how students learn. Our strategy is a child-centered pedagogical approach.

This means we shift the focus of the classroom away from what is taught by a teacher to what scholars actually learn. Scholars are viewed as intelligent individuals who are capable of investigating, discovering, and thinking about solutions to many problems on their own. Educators become facilitators.


Why Single Gender?

Research tells us that girls are far behind in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Research also shows that boys are in crisis in almost every academic area.

To be truly student-centered, we have developed strategies and programs to deliver our curriculum in a way that addresses the unique needs and issues of both girls and boys.