AP Computer Science

Computer Science faculty will challenge students to think critically and apply algorithmic thinking, skills, and principles to the creation of innovative designs, technology, programs, or other computing-driven solutions to complex problems. Faculty should have a passion for facilitating exploration of how computing applies to other STEM-related fields specifically, but also broadly to other fields of inquiry.  Instruction should incorporate math standards when possible.

The AP teacher should bring to apply a passion for computing and high-level inquiry to the development of the yearly course syllabus, research, projects, and assignments, all geared toward preparing scholars to master AP and GSE standards in computer science, as well as, college-level academic thinking, problem-solving and articulation.

Specific Responsibilities:

In collaboration with the instructional team, faculty members will:

  • Develop and execute instructional plans to facilitate mastery of target standards related to algorithmic thinking and coding and application to creative design
  • Create a collaborative, experimental, and exciting learning environment
  • Differentiate instruction to support diverse learners and meet IEP and SST expectations
  • Ensure scholars are continuously engaged in meaningful work aligned with the Genesis E5 model
  • Assess scholar progress daily to drive strategic changes to curriculum and instruction
  • Implement school-wide behavior support process to create a positive learning environment
  • Communicate proactively and effectively with students, families, and colleagues
  • Participate in an annual two-week summer orientation and training
  • Participate in grade-level activities, and school-wide functions

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree, certification, or evidence of high skill level in computer science
  • Teaching or programmatic experience managing teenagers
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience developing instructional plans
  • Familiarity with hardware and/or network systems
  • Passion for “tinkering” and exploring engineering design problems
  • Experience working with urban populations and with girls/boys in a developmental role

The Genesis Commitment to Staff

Staff members are highly valued for the support they provide to the overall mission and the instructional program. We view staff as professionals who are fully capable of independent action. Genesis commits to a collaborative process for developing individualized support and coaching plans.  We prioritize respectful scholar-peer and scholar-staff interaction.