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Genesis Culture

We designed our culture to enhance the path to educational success, providing resources and experiences at every grade level to support our vision:

“That our scholars will become great men and women of intellect, purpose, and character, who create legacies of generational prosperity for their families, their communities, and their world. “

Genesis Scholars Feel


Welcomed and Included

We begin with an environment where students feel safe, supported, engaged, and accepted.

Connected and Respected

We understand that students learn and grow best when they feel connected.  So, we intentionally create a respectful, family-like environment to foster those connections.


Valued and Supported

We understand that every child has immense potential that, in the right environment, can be uncovered, nurtured, and realized.   So, we provide an atmosphere that welcomes and celebrates ideas, investigation, and experimentation within individual passions and interests.  Learning the basics becomes a springboard for scholars to follow their interests, helping them develop an excitement for life-long learning.

We understand high engagement includes allowing students to take a higher stake in what they learn.

Scientific research indicates that we learn best when seeking answers to questions we truly hold; not simply learning what will be on a test.   So, we relate to scholars as much as possible with discussions, assignments, student driven projects and more that ensure relevance.



Confident to Discover and Lead

We understand the seeds of leadership reside in every single child.  Our leadership model provides students with ample opportunities for self-direction, a powerful sense of ownership, and the ability to explore topics that are meaningful and relevant in their lives.

There are many roads to success and our culture helps guide our students to find the one(s) that is the best fit for their own unique talents and ambitions.


Culture Highlights

Here are some examples of Genesis culture.  An environment where we challenge scholars to grow in every part of their life. We set a high bar, but our culture fosters the tools for scholars rise above it.

Morning Talks

Our Head of Schools and the Head of Boys and Girls Academies meet with students regularly to set a positive tone and reinforce character development

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We expect our boys to grow up and become young men. We challenge our boys to be responsible, respectful, and disciplined young men who know how to work hard and play hard. Along this process, we assign readings that focus on ethics and character.

At each level of development, they are held accountable for reaching goals and are celebrated when they do.

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Dynamic and Energetic


Classrooms are busy with activity both physical and mental with energetic students engaged with the material with each other and with their teachers.

Our teachers find creative ways to teach our students through content that matters to them. Classes here feel meaningful and relevant to scholars.  Classes here are different. 


Our young ladies opened pop-up shops connecting math and the E⁵ curriculum framework areas of economics and entrepreneurship. They bravely implemented their own ideas.

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Character Building

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Our process encourages students to develop their character while simultaneously enhancing their academic performance.

As an example, our Ethics curriculum teaches scholars to engage with and ask questions about the material, instead of just memorizing material for tests.  Our faculty act as facilitators to expose scholars to ideas of right and wrong, how those ideas shape the world, and how their own ideas can reshape the world.

From morning talks with scholars to special programs and examples that coincide with their studies we emphasize character development as a central component of success.

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We are proud to partner with the PowHER project, led by Maria Taylor in partnership with Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids Foundation and Morgan Stanley.

The goal of PowHER is to empower middle school girls, instilling in them a sense of confidence and belief in themselves through financial literacy, enriching experiences, and exposing them to female leaders in their own communities.

Some of Atlanta's most renowned organizations, including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Georgia Tech Athletic Department, the Atlanta Braves, and Jackson Spaulding, hosted events and mentoring sessions for our young ladies.



Young men are shown examples from mentors who hold them to high standards and live out Genesis ideals in front of them.

The Boys' Academy has a significant number of male staff, along with outside professionals and college students, who serve as role models and mentors, and who expect academic and character excellence from our boys. Scholars have daily check-ins with at least one adult male to provide support and perspective on any issues they may be working through.



Scholars who are excited about their future take a greater interest in their own success.  In addition, they tend to be more self-motivated and courageous.

So we encourage self-reflection and offer regular motivation, inspiring them to visualize what they can become.


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