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Small School Experience

Our average class size is 18 scholars. Our purposefully small environment allows our faculty to provide personalized attention in an environment where all the adults and scholars know one another and are invested in each others’ success.

Academic Rigor

Scholars have access to 20+ AP courses and our innovative E5 Curriculum combines Engineering, Economics, Expression, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship with project-based learning. Through our culturally relevant instruction, scholars learn about women and people of color and our contributions to science, social justice, and culture.

Single Gender

Research shows both girls and boys learn more in single gender environments. Our single-gender classrooms allow scholars to benefit from optimized learning environments while being part of one school, one Genesis.

Be Part of a Community.

Great school my son has been here since 6th grade he is now a 9th grader. The smaller school and more personal learning environment has helped him succeed and the innovative approach wth the separate boys and girls school is a big plus

I love Genesis. The small classroom sizes, E5 curriculum and project-based learning are my favorite aspects of our curriculum model -- not to mention the strong sense of community! Definitely a special place.

Our girls feel supported and have made great friends. The parents voices are heard and the admin is responsive to input.

Genesis is an great school with very supportive goals and culture. It stays true to its name with efforts to be innovative.

Many families have expressed how lucky they have been to find this school now and I can't agree more as an educator myself.

I have recommended this school as an option for many friends and families because of its commitment to take of everyone.

The teachers really challenge and deliver rigorous lessons/Curriculum that is appropriate to the level of learning, as well as pushing to learn and develop even more cognitively. The Administration is in tune with the learning process as well and makes sure that the environment is conducive to sound learning each and every day, in person as well as virtual.

All I can say about Genesis Innovation Academy is this was the best choice of a school for my children ,the administration,staff,and teachers are amazing in all they they do for these children they go above and beyond to ensure all children have what they need .

Be Part of Something Unique.

Founded by award-winning educator, innovator and Harvard PhD, Dr. Gavin Samms, Genesis Innovation Academy is a free public charter school in Southeast Atlanta. This year, there's a unique opportunity to be part of our inaugural high school class. At Genesis, you'll receive personalized attention in an environment where all the adults and scholars know one another and are invested in each others’ success.

Access over 30 AP courses and receive college credit as early as 9th grade. Discover and lean into your gifts and passions. Join our basketball team, cheerleading squad, robotics team or moot court. Start a business, become a leader in social justice, start a new organization on campus. You'll have the opportunity to have a full, rich high school experience while becoming a young adult prepared for life after high school -- learning everything from how to balance your personal budget to how to give yourself as many options for college or whatever's next for you.

The possibilities are endless. Genesis: Greatness Begins Here. 


Start Your Own Business

Beginning in 9th grade, our high schoolers develop plans to start their own businesses, from writing business plans to creating pitches for our Pitch Night in the spring. 

How We Teach

Recieve Personalized Mentoring

Character and work ethic are the strongest predictors of success. Our classrooms are small on purpose, so all of our scholars receive individualized attention.

High School Tutor Sitting At Desk With Male Student In Biology Class
Portrait Of Smiling Male High School Student Outside College Building With Other Teenage Students In Background

Student Leadership

Tap Into Your Passions

You don't just have to be one thing. You can be an athlete and a writer, captain of the basketball team and a math club champ. Leadership opportunities are abundant and we encourage scholars to become involved and start their own organizations. 

Be Part of Something Different.

Genesis: Greatness Begins Here.

Open Enrollment
  • Open enrollment for the 2022/2023 academic school year has begun! We have several spots remaining.
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