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Genesis Innovation Academy for Girls Accredited with Quality
Genesis Innovation Academy for Boys Accredited with Quality

Hear From Parents

Great school my son has been here since 6th grade he is now a 9th grader. The smaller school and more personal learning environment has helped him succeed and the innovative approach wth the separate boys and girls school is a big plus

I love Genesis. The small classroom sizes, E⁵ curriculum and project-based learning are my favorite aspects of our curriculum model -- not to mention the strong sense of community! Definitely a special place.

Our girls feel supported and have made great friends. The parents voices are heard and the admin is responsive to input.

Genesis is an great school with very supportive goals and culture. It stays true to its name with efforts to be innovative.

Many families have expressed how lucky they have been to find this school now and I can't agree more as an educator myself.

I have recommended this school as an option for many friends and families because of its commitment to take care of everyone... 

The teachers really challenge and deliver rigorous lessons/Curriculum that is appropriate to the level of learning, as well as pushing to learn and develop even more cognitively. 

All I can say about Genesis Innovation Academy is this was the best choice of a school for my children, the administration, staff, and teachers are amazing in all they they do for these children they go above and beyond to ensure all children have what they need.

The Administration is in tune with the learning process as well and makes sure that the environment is conducive to sound learning each and every day, in person as well as virtual.


The Genesis Innovation Academy Middle School and High School Moot Court Teams represented the school exceptionally well during the 2023 Young Litigators Project (YLP) Moot Court Competition.

The Middle School Team did an amazing job by earning a clean sweep of awards. The Middle School team was awarded Best Overall Team, Best Brief, and Solomon Nixon was awarded Best Advocator.

The High School Team did an amazing job as well. We are truly proud of our scholars as they worked extremely hard to prepare for this event.

The Young Litigators Project recruits attorneys and law students to work with the teams and educate them on the law and the appellate procedures. Each Spring, YLP hosts a Moot Court competition. The attorneys and law students help the teams understand the fact pattern, how to analyze statues and case law, guides them on how to write a brief on the issue, and prepare them for oral argument.

The GA Department of Education recognized Genesis as a school with 90% or more of its third-grade students reading at grade level or above. 

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2019 GA Rewards School
GCSA Champion for Children Award Winner
2019 GA Rewards School
GCSA Champion for Children Award Winner

what are we doing at genesis?

EmPowHER Girls to Change the World

PowHER prepares our girls to become confident, accomplished, powerful young women

Partner: Garth Brooks' Teammates for Kids Foundation

We are transforming the education of girls to provide exciting, empowering, and eye-opening experiences—ones that help create better possibilities for their entire futures.   Our partnership with the powHer Project is exemplary of those experiences.

Spearheaded by Maria Taylor, in partnership with Garth Brooks’ Teammates for Kids Foundation and Morgan Stanley, this program is helping to help develop a community of confident middle school girls through financial literacy, enriching experiences and by exposing them to female leaders in their own communities.

Garth Brooks, Trishia Yearwood, and Genesis "Gems"
Garth Brooks, Trishia Yearwood, and Genesis "Gems"

We've also made mentoring a core pillar to help

Boys Become Men of Honor and Accomplishment

Moot Court
Moot Court One
Moot Court 2

Our promise to help young men overcome obstacles and excel reaches directly into how we relate to them each day.  We hold up a standard and role model it each day.

That is one way we provide a nurturing environment for young men, shaping both their character and intellect. An environment that holds boys accountable and rewards their steps toward maturity, responsibility, and compassion.

2019 GA Rewards School
GCSA Champion for Children Award Winner

increasing confidence to leave their mark

powHerful Mentors for Girls

How do we inspire our female scholars to make their own mark on the world?

We build up their confidence by demonstrating how female leaders across many fields made their mark.  We provide in-person introductions, interactions, and collaborations with top local female leaders.  We encourage our young ladies to develop their own stories of what they will become.    We help them increase their financial literacy, with projects that include building stock portfolios and reviewing company balance sheets.

Our special partnership with powHer offers all these experiences and more.  Under the guidance of ESPN host Maria Taylor, and partnering with the Garth Brooks Foundation and Morgan Stanley, our scholars are increasing the resolve and understanding they need to achieve their dreams.


Why our Scholars Begin Early

Coding in Kindergarten

The proven benefits coding offers for youngsters five and up include: helping them learn by doing, improving critical thinking, sharpening problem-solving skills, making math fun and easier to visualize, and nurturing creativity.

Coding also acts as a powerful and powerfully engaging tool to help children develop their understanding of concrete operations (like how to combine, separate, order, and transform objects and actions). As a result, scholars better understand math, language structure, and many other critical thinking areas.

We want scholars on the path to developing these traits early, so we start coding early. We want our scholars to build tangible things, ignite their creativity, and innovate as they learn…coding does all this and much more.

How We Teach

Why Single Gender?

Research tells us that girls are far behind in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Research also shows that boys are in crisis in almost every academic area.

To be truly student-centered, we have developed strategies and programs to deliver our curriculum in a way that addresses the unique needs and issues of both girls and boys.


Our E5 Curriculum in Action

Our Scholar Work Showcase celebrates the outstanding work our scholars have been creating. Our student-focused model encourages creativity and our E5 Core includes Ethics, Engineering, Economics, Expression and Entrepreneurship. These focus areas help scholars apply everything they're learning in innovative and inspiring ways. Check it out!


Student Focused

Genesis firmly believes that classrooms should be geared toward what and how students learn. Our strategy is a child-centered pedagogical approach.


At Genesis Innovation Academy, a free public charter school, we teach subjects that matter for 21st century success.


Our scholars become empowered to master money and build wealth. By learning about investment, wealth, and markets, scholars come to understand how economic motives shape history and current events and how to solve real-world economics and finance problems. 


Now more than ever, we need innovative solutions to complex, real-world issues. Genesis scholars learn how to engineer technological solutions using concepts taught in our Applied Math, Applied Science, Computing, and Engineering courses. 


Our scholars study diverse literature, religion and philosophy, and arts – exposing them to different ideas of right and wrong, how those ideas shape the world, and how their own ideas can re-shape their world. Scholars learn to think critically about how individual choices, and ideas about what is “right”, impact the larger world. 


Every scholar has a talent, a gift, or an idea to offer the world. Genesis scholars will engage with many forms of art, including Language Arts, Music, Visual and Performing Arts as they learn to communicate ideas in meaningful, constructive, and impactful ways. 


Scholars are challenged to generate ground breaking ideas and make those ideas come to life. They learn how to create products and build businesses instead of just consuming products; ultimately, they will learn to be job creators instead of job takers.

How We Teach

We Bring Scholarship to Life

Genesis encourages scholars to develop and walk in the path of their unique success right now. From coding in kindergarten, to creating businesses in the 3rd grade, to stock plans in the 7th grade...our scholars are succeeding because with each unique opportunity:

  • Their love of learning grows.
  • They expand their ability to apply what they learn.
  • They gain confidence in who they are and what they can achieve.