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Genesis FAQs


Is Genesis Innovation Academy a single school or two schools?

Genesis Innovation Academy is comprised of two separate state-charter schools: one for girls and one for boys. The schools are co-located on the same campus in order to provide opportunities for co-ed teaming and collaboration under the direction of supportive adults.

Is Genesis a private school? Would I have to pay tuition?

Genesis is a public charter school, which means it is free of charge. There is no tuition.

When will Genesis open and what grades will it serve?

Genesis will open in the fall of 2017 and will serve grades K-6. Genesis will add a grade each year until it serves scholars in grades K-12 beginning in 2023.

Who can attend Genesis?

Genesis is a state-charter with a statewide attendance zone. That means anyone in the state has an opportunity to enroll (click here for Admissions FAQs).

Curriculum & Single-Gender

What is the Genesis curriculum?

The Genesis curriculum focuses on Innovation. This requires our scholars to apply knowledge to create new and interesting products, ideas, and solutions that add value to the world.

Why does the curriculum focus on Innovation

The focus on test scores has not worked. Twenty-first century opportunities will require creative thinking, application and problem solving.

Does single gender education work?

The research overwhelmingly shows that girls do better when less boys are in the learning environment. Boys schools that develop unique strategies for instruction and character-development (like Genesis) have also proven successful.

Charter FAQs

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