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What We Teach

The Focus: Innovation

The focus of the Genesis Academy curriculum is Innovation.

At Genesis Innovation Academy every student is a scholar. Drilling scholars on worksheets will not prepare them for success in the 21st century world. As more jobs are computerized, the world will reward innovative, “out-of-the-box” thinkers, who create things and solve problems that computers cannot. Computers do not innovate - people do.

To support innovation, Genesis Curriculum teaches scholars the E5 Core, with an emphasis on comprehension, problem-solving, and real-world application. This model will ensure our scholars become the critical thinkers who succeed in the new economy.

The Genesis curriculum will go beyond the textbook.
Genesis will use technology, field trips, and professional mentors to expose our scholars to learning opportunities in the larger world. We expect the curriculum and real world exposure to inspire our scholars to do amazing things:
Write the next great novel
Invent the next cutting edge technology
Discover the cure to a terrible disease
Pen the next top 40 song
Code the next great software
Craft ground-breaking legislation
Build the next billion-dollar company
Design the spaceship that takes us to Mars

The E5 Core

Our Economics classes will include instruction in Math and Finance. Scholars will learn high-level math and be challenged to apply this knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of economics and finance. Scholars will learn to master money so that money does not master them!
Our Engineering classes will include Science and Computing. Scholars will learn how the math, science and computing concepts are used to engineer technology. Scholars will learn how to build and create products that could go to market.
Our Ethics classes will include the Social Sciences and Humanities. Scholars will study Classic Literature, the History of Religion, and Philosophy to provide context to their modern world. Scholars will learn to think critically about how individual choices, and ideas about what is “right”, impact the larger world.
Our Expression classes will include Communications and The Arts. Scholars will learn how all forms of art, including Language Arts, Music, Visual and Performing Arts can be used to effectively communicate ideas. Scholars will become masters of communication in order to persuade, inspire, and express ideas clearly.
Our Entrepreneurship classes will include individual and group projects. Scholars will be challenged to leverage and apply all aspects of the E5 Core to generate ground breaking ideas and make those ideas come to life. Scholars will learn the value of confidence, resilience and teamwork required to innovate and bring ideas to market.