Why Single Gender?


The Challenge

  • Our daughters must navigate a world in which different expectations, ignorance, and sexism still limit their ability to succeed.
  • The problem starts early
    In math, girls and boys are equal when they enter kindergarten. By the end of fifth grade, girls are 2.5 months behind.
    These early gaps lead to lifelong problems.

The Research


Despite improvements in many careers, young women are vastly underrepresented in high-pay professions that drive the world economy. 
Data Source: US Congress, Joint Economic Committee (2012)


Women are 50% of the population, but men still overwhelmingly hold positions of power. Women are only 5% of CEOs. Our daughters deserve better!
Data Source: Catalyst (2017)

Our Approach

The research overwhelmingly indicates that girls are more confident and do better in school when less boys are around.

The Genesis single-gender approach creates an environment in which our girls can become the strong, accomplished young women they were meant to be!

Our approach includes:
  • High Expectations - Research suggests that gender gaps in high-demand fields such as computing, engineering, and finance are due to expectations that those are “boy” subjects. Genesis girls will be empowered to believe that every subject is a girl subject. They can pursue whatever their creativity and passion lead them to.
  • STEM Connections - Genesis will connect STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) to problems that actually affect people in the real-world. Research suggests that young women lose interest in STEM because that connection is never made.
  • Girls’ / Young Women’s Issues - Genesis will focus academic discussion on issues related to girls and young women. These issues will include women’s role in history, women’s health, how women’s opportunities have been limited by laws and expectations, and how those limitations have been overcome.
  • Exposure - Research tells us that girls succeed in traditionally male areas when they are exposed to positive, supportive interactions with other young women. Genesis girls will engage in collaborative work and discussions with peers, and in mentoring relationships with college students and professional role models to reinforce what is possible, especially in areas where girls are behind.
  • Self-Image - Research suggests that girls who are physically active are more confident, have a more positive body image, are healthier, and do better in school. Our sports and fitness program will support the development of our girls. To minimize the focus on external appearance that often damages girls’ self-image, Genesis will implement a uniform policy.

The Challenge

  • Our sons are losing ground in education - they have lower grades, higher rates of special education placement, suspension and expulsion.
  • The problem is engagement.
  • The average boy thrives in a setting that focuses on active and tangible learning. Beyond math, instruction in traditional schools does just the opposite.
    For urban boys this problem is now a crisis.

The Research


According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), reading proficiency rates are unacceptably low, especially for boys of color.


Too many of our sons struggle to graduate from high school, which severely limits future chances of success.
Data source: The Schott Report (2015)

Our Approach

Given their challenges, we cannot continue to pretend our sons need the same support as their sisters.

Research suggests that when schools create gender-specific instructional and character-driven strategies for boys, they do better. Genesis boys will do much better!

Our approach includes:
  • High Engagement - Most boys are engaged when they are doing rather than listening. Our boys will have active learning experiences both indoors and outdoors. They will run experiments, participate in simulations, and create and build tangible things. They will have action-oriented reading options. And they will never be finished – there will always be something for them to do.
  • Respect Boy Energy - “Boy energy” is different. Instead of having our boys sit all day and punishing them when they get restless, we will let them stand, move or lie down to work. What matters is that they do great work! To get rid of some energy, they will have P.E. every day! And they won’t get “put out” for each “silly” comment or action; they will be taught to do better.
  • Rites of Passage - While “boys will be boys”, we expect them to grow up. We will challenge our boys to be responsible, respectful, and disciplined young men who know how to work hard and play hard. Assigned readings will focus on ethics and character. At each level of development, they will be held accountable for reaching goals and be celebrated when they do.
  • Role Models - The Boys Academy will have a significant number of male staff, along with outside professionals and college students, who serve as role models and mentors, and who expect academic and character excellence from our boys. Scholars will have daily check-ins with at least one adult male to provide support and perspective on any issues they may be working through.
  • Competitions & Academics - The typical boy is ultra-competitive. We will weave competitions and games into every aspect of instruction to motivate our young men. Athletics will be used as an instructional tool for subjects like math (sports statistics) and science (how to improve performance) to motivate academic excellence.
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