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Parents' Update Emails & Notices

In case you've missed these important emails, we've copied them below for your convenience.

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Dress Code Reminder ( Friday, September 7, 2018)

***Please do not reply to this e-mail with questions. Rather, contact the appropriate person, or send an e-mail to info@giacademy.org.***


Dear Genesis Parents,

I wanted to send a reminder that Friday is the day when scholars may be rewarded for their character and leadership. The rewards may be free play, dress down, snacks, etc. Being in uniform is a part of our Code of Conduct and a pre-requisite for rewards. All scholars were supposed to be in full uniform as of this past Tuesday. We have always worked with parents who reached out to us to express they were having difficulty getting uniforms for their scholar. Unfortunately, many do not reach out and just send their scholar out of uniform.

Also, be reminded that hair style is a part of being “in uniform.” We have sent announcements, power points, and links to our Handbook which indicate the expectations. For reference the link is:



Despite our pronouncements, however, many families have decided that the expectations do not, or should not, apply to their scholar, often because they think the expectations are “stupid” (as I have been told on more than one occasion). We can certainly agree to disagree, but parental disagreement with our expectations, in and of itself, does not change those expectations.

The issue is not the hair, or the shirt, or the shoes. The issue is the ability of our scholars to be disciplined and humbly respect (and practice) the expectations of those placed in positions of authority and leadership. We also need to teach them how to positively affect change when they disagree. Overt disregard for rules and expectations is not what we (parents or faculty) want to teach them. Allowing disregard to continue also disrespects the families who have sacrificed to meet the expectations. I am crafting a longer document to address matters of leadership and maturity and how parents can support those goals, but I will end this note here.

In summary, some of you may have an unhappy scholar today because they were not eligible for a particular reward due to dress code issues. If this troubles you, as always, I’m available for meetings by appointment.


Thank you for your support.


Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Genesis Innovation Academy



GIA September Calendar (September 3, 2018)


The attached document contains the calendar for the month of September. The document also contains pertinent information regarding PowerSchool.

Click here to view/download calendar. 



The Genesis Administration Team

Genesis Parent Update (September 3, 2018)

Dear Parents,

A few updates are listed below. Please do not reply to this e-mail with questions. Rather, contact the appropriate person, or send an e-mail to info@giacademy.org.



Early Release / Conference Day – Please note an important date on the calendar is an Early Release Day on Friday, September 21. Exact release times for each grade level will be forthcoming but all parents should be prepared to have their scholars picked up by noon, no later than 12:30 p.m.  Also, look for information from teachers on how to set up conference dates. Note: Priority will be given to parents of scholars with below average grades.


MAP Testing – We expect MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing to begin this week. This is strictly a formative assessment, designed to help us understand the academic level of our scholars, relative to students from across the nation. Scholars will take two more assessments during the year to measure growth and give our faculty additional data to help target instructional interventions.


Dress Code – Please refer to the Handbook and the PowerPoint slides related to the dress code sent in prior e-mails. We are going to address non-compliance with the code more strictly going forward. This is not a minor issue. We are focusing on culture and character. Scholars have to submit to leadership and accountabiltiy before they can lead and hold somebody else accountable. It is not helpful to inform your scholars (by your words or actions) that they don’t have to follow the rules. It undermines our authority. We cannot allow that kind of indifference to become a standard.


Arrivals/Tardy – Please be reminded that scholars are tardy if they arrive to their homerooms at 8:01 a.m. or after. We encourage parents to arrive for drop-off prior to 7:45 a.m. in order to avoid the rush that occurs between 7:45 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. It may also be quicker for parents to drive east down Custer Avenue (from Boulevard) rather than west (from Moreland).


Walk-Ins – Please be reminded that parents are not allowed to walk around (or into) any part of the campus without checking in and receiving a badge from the main office.

Parent Issues/Concerns
– Parents who have concerns about issues related to classroom instruction or behavior management, should first address those concerns directly to the teacher. If that interaction is unsatisfactory, parents should reach out to the Academy Director (Ms. Renetta Dees for Girls at rdees@giacademy.org; Mr. Neal Christian for Boys at nchristian@giacademy.org). If there are still unresolved concerns, parents should contact the Head of Schools, Dr. Gavin Samms (at gsamms@giacademy.org). The next step is to contact the Genesis Board of Directors at board@giacademy.org.


Dismissal – Please be reminded that parents should not request early dismissal after 2:15 p.m. It creates too much chaos for office staff and the busiest part of the day. We ask that appointments be made early in the day, or after regular dismissal times, if possible. Please call ahead for early dismissal requests.



The Genesis Administration Team

Parent Orientation/Handbook Summary - (August 15, 2018)

Dear Genesis Family,

Parent Orientation/Handbook Summary – We have attached slides from our Parent Orientation, which summarize the Genesis Family Handbook (posted on our website).  All families are responsible for the information in the Family Handbook and are required to sign and return the Parent Commitment form and the Signature Page (both in the Appendix) after reviewing. New Families who did not attend the mandatory Orientation will be contacted regarding next steps.

The Handbook can be downloaded at: http://genesisinnovationacademy.org/index.php/student-life/student-handbook-resources

Click here to download Handbook Summary Slides from Parent Orientation


The Genesis Administration Team

Important Morning Drop-off Notes for Parents - (August 15, 2018)

Dear Parents,

We appreciate your patience with the morning drop-off. We are still attempting to adjust to the large increase in enrollment and therefore the number of cars arriving each morning.  There are a couple of things you can do to help us make this a smoother more efficient process:

  1. Parking – Please do not park in the car lane for any reason. If you need to park, please use an available space on the west side of the school (near the exit portion of the driveway) or ask one of the attending staff to help you park. 
  2. Drop Off by Main Office Walkway – Please do not drop off your scholars in the back of the building (near the basketball court). We know you want to ensure your scholars get to class on time. However, dropping them off in the back of the school is quite frankly a safety hazard and is unacceptable unless staff is in the rear to receive your child (which they will not be).
  3. Enter from West – A lot of the traffic back-up on the street is due to families attempting to make a left turn (arriving from the Moreland side of Custer). We encourage more of our families to enter from the Boulevard side of Custer (from Boulevard/the west side of Custer). Making a right turn into the parking lot is a little easier and causes less back-up of traffic.
  4. Please Arrive Earlier – While being late is a problem, being early is not. Most of our cars arrive after 7:45 am. We encourage you to drop your scholar off between 7:15 am and 7:45 am in order to avoid the rush, if at all possible. It might also help you not feel so rushed to get out of the lot to get to work on time.
  5. Pull up as Directed – Please pull up as far down the car line as directed by the attendants, before you drop your scholar(s) off. It slows the line down when drivers decide to drop their scholars off as soon as they come around the last corner. Pulling up further allows us to escort several scholars out of their cars at once. 
  6. Wait for Directions to Change Lanes in Drop-Off Area – Please do not change lanes in the drop off area before attendants provide direction. To do otherwise creates a clear safety hazard. Not only does it increase the chance of a car collision, it puts scholars in harm’s way. To avoid rushing, please arrive earlier (see #3).
  7. Please do not speed – Parking lots are not supposed to be drive through at 10 miles per hour. To avoid rushing and speeding, see #3.


The entire Genesis Team thanks you for working with us to make arrivals safer and more efficient!

P.S. THANK YOU TO PARENTS WHO SAW A NEED AND VOLUNTEERED IN CAR LINE. Volunteers are always welcome. Formal sign-up sheets are on the way. But you don’t have to wait on that.


The Genesis Administration Team

First Day of School / School Guidelines Recap from Dr. Samms - (July 30, 2018)

Dear Genesis Family,

As we approach the first day, we know that no matter how well prepared parents are, there is still likely to be lots of questions. We hope to provide some additional clarity with the below updates. However, if what we describe creates additional questions, please feel free to reach out for answers.

  • Parent Orientation / Handbook Summary – We have attached slides from our Parent Orientation which summarize the Genesis Family Handbook (posted on our website).  All families are responsible for the information in the Family Handbook and are required to sign and return the Parent Commitment form and the Signature Page (both in the Appendix) after reviewing. New Families who did not attend the mandatory Orientation will be contacted regarding next steps. The Handbook can be downloaded at: http://genesisinnovationacademy.org/index.php/student-life/student-handbook-resources


  • Car Line – If you did not pick up your car line number at Open House, please feel free to stop by the school on Monday to do so, if at all possible. If you do not have your car line number at dismissal, we will work through it, but the process will be delayed. We appreciate everyone’s patience.


  • Cell Phone Policy – If you intend to send your scholar with a phone, please review the Cell Phone policy contained in the Handbook. In short, please inform your scholar to keep it in their bookbag in the OFF position.


  • Uniform - We have parents coming in later due to enrollment churn and vendors are struggling to keep items in stock. As a result, we know that scholars will not be in uniform day one.  Please make sure you sent a note with your scholar to let us know the status of your order.  Until your uniform is ready, your scholar should wear solid color polos or oxfords and dark slacks.


  • Dress Code – Apart from uniforms, we expect scholars to comply with Dress Code requirements from day one. If your scholar is not following the dress code relating to hair, socks, shoes, jewelry, etc., parents should expect a call and their scholar’s access to fun activities will likely be limited. Please inform us of special circumstances.


  • Supplies – If parents do not have all of their scholars’ supplies, please relax. Make sure they have a bookbag, a binder/folder, some paper, and something to write with, and they will be fine for now.


  • Milestones Testing – If you did not pick up your scholar’s results during Open House or prior, they are available in our main office. If you have questions or concerns about your scholar’s results. please feel free to make an appointment with your School Director.


  • Great Start Page – Please check out our Great Start page to get more information on Uniforms, Supplies, Before/After School Services, and Nutrition.



In general, we ask for your patience these first two weeks as we work through the inevitable kinks. In turn, we will also be patient with our parents who diligently attempt to partner with us in this great endeavor. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning for a great start to a great year!!!!



Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Genesis Innovation Academy



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