Important update for Genesis Innovation Academy Parents

Please read the letter below and attached document.

(Tues - 3/17/2020) School Closure Update

Dear GIA Family,

Please know that our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families. Everything else is secondary.  We will certainly do everything we can to provide meaningful learning opportunities for your scholar while they are home.  However, we have no intention of adding to you or your family’s stress.  If our digital learning plans are difficult for you to manage right now, just let us know. We will work together to figure something out.


At this point, we cannot mandate anything or penalize anyone for not figuring out how to make “at home learning” work. There are simply too many things that are uncertain.  We do hope that you do the best you can, and that you encourage your scholars to do the same.  We do not know how long this shut-down will last, but I want to impress upon you how important it is that we continue to push our scholars to learn and grow.


When we do come out of this, and we WILL come out of this -- together – I am sure we want our scholars to be as prepared as possible to continue to excel. We cannot allow them to LOSE ground. We will press forward as best we can, updating you along the way.  Please ask all the questions you need to.  We are definitely in this together. 


Please read the updates below:


  • Digital Learning Schedules – Our teachers will be available all week, each week, for our scholars.  Your scholar’s teacher(s) will let you know when (day and time) they will provide live virtual instruction and when they will be available to answer scholar questions about lessons or assignments. We expect to record the live instruction and make it available for scholars who missed it or want to review it. 


  • Devices and Internet Access – We are aware that some of you have limited access to technology at home. We are still looking into options to support you. In the meantime, as noted above, please know that we will be flexible regarding due dates and times. Please be sure to let  your homeroom teacher know about any issues, and be very specific.  As always, let your Director know if you need additional support beyond what a teacher is able to communicate or provide.


  • Instructional Support – If your scholar has an IEP, the teachers that have served your scholar will also have virtual hours set aside for additional support.  Please allow a couple of days for the support schedule to be finalized.  We will continue to make adjustments as needed to ensure that your scholars get the best possible support under the circumstances.


  • Nutrition / Meal Service – It has been confirmed that all of the large districts in Metro Atlanta are serving meals from some of the schools in their region/area.  The meal service will be available to ALL school children who are in need of meals, not just the children who attend district schools.  We have attached updates in English and Spanish that list instructions and locations for each school district.


  • Morning Start Time: Communication – Please note that we are moving our office hours an hour later to 9:00 a.m.  Teachers are also expected to be available for scholars by 9:00 a.m. (instead of 8 a.m.). Parents should expect to reach the office, and scholars should expect to reach their teachers on-line, until 3 p.m.


Take care, be blessed, and be safe!



Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Genesis Innovation Academy


View / Download Emergency Food Distribution Locations documents below:

(Mon - 3/9/2020) Update & Digital Learning Day

Dear GIA Family,


Below are important updates regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19):

Georgia Department of Health - Attached is an informational PowerPoint from the Georgia Department of Public Health.  The public understanding of the coronavirus is evolving but the attached represents the latest information.

Talking to Children
- Also, below is a link from the National Association of School Psychologists that includes recommendations on how to talk to children about the virus:

Genesis Digital Learning Day

The report today that Fulton County Schools is closing schools tomorrow due to a confirmed coronavirus case reminds us to exercise extreme caution and to prepare accordingly.  Genesis is not a Fulton County School (and not an APS school) and we are not at the point where school will be cancelled.  However, we must prepare for the possibility that school closure may become necessary.  First, our Facilities Team will do additional sanitizing of the campus this evening (Monday).  Secondly, Genesis is scheduling a Digital-Learning day this Friday to test our capacity to provide meaningful digital learning experiences for our scholars in the event that school closure is deemed necessary.


What: Digital Learning Day

When: Friday, March 13, 2020

Where: At Home

Who: All Genesis Scholars

Time: TBD - Teachers will provide assignments that require scholars to work for at least a half-day. Scholars will have to log-on to different platforms to verify “attendance.” Note: Keep in mind that Monday is a Teacher Workday/Professional Learning Day.

We will also use the Digital-Learning day / long weekend, for additional sanitizing and longer-term planning for possible school closure.

 Given the uncertainty around how quickly the virus may spread, we ask that families be prepared for an unexpected change to these plans.  If available information dictates that we require scholars to stay home sooner and/or for a longer period of time, or that we postpone events and trips that have been planned, we will be sure to inform parents as quickly as possible. This is a season in which we all have to be as prepared as we can be for the unexpected.


Yours in service,


Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Important COVID-19 Details from Georgia Department of Health (3/6/2020)

Important Message from GIA Head of Schools

Dear GIA Family,

We have attached a press release/advisory from the Department of Health (DPH) regarding the Coronavirus. Please read it as soon as possible so that you are informed. In short, they are stressing that 1) the risk to the general public is still low, and 2) there are already plans in place to address a possible flu epidemic/pandemic and that the Coronavirus should be treated similarly at this time.  As such, Genesis will follow the general recommendations contained in the press release, in Georgia Department of Education advisories, and in Genesis health services policies and procedures:

  • We will encourage scholars and staff to wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • We will encourage scholars to avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with their hands
  • We will ask parents to keep sick children home from school until they’re fever-free for 24 hours without medication
  • We will provide virus-prevention supplies at the school for staff and students, such as soap, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, tissues and Lysol Disinfectant Spray
  • We will have our facilities team, supported by teachers, staff and scholars, sanitize classrooms and gathering spaces, especially frequently touched surfaces
  • We will encourage everyone to cough/sneeze into an elbow or a tissue (and throw tissue immediately away).


In addition, please know that Genesis is finalizing plans to ensure that scholars and families will have options to receive instruction virtually, should the Department of Health advise school closures.  We already have a well-integrated set of on-line platforms and we are confident that we will be able to effectively manage a virtual-driven educational process.


We will keep you updated on matters related to the virus and health concerns in general as we learn more.


Blessings to all.



Gavin Samms, Ph.D.

Head of Schools

Press Release / Advisory from Georgia Department of Health

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