Nutrition/Student Services Manager (Central Admin)

The Nutrition and Student Service Manager will oversee daily operation of the Genesis nutrition program in compliance with USDA, local, state and Federal policies and procedures. The manager will supervise nutrition staff and the implementation of the nutrition program in keeping with high standards for nutrition and food safety, financial accountability and service. As part of the Genesis operations team, the manager will also support various services and processes including enrollment, office management, student health clinic, transportation, and event planning.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Assumes responsibilities for ordering, receiving, storing, handling, preparing and serving of food according to established laws and standards.
  • Inspects food deliveries; inspects all food service areas for cleanliness; inspects food preparation; monitors temperatures on freezer, refrigerators and food; inspects machinery and orders maintenance when necessary.
  • Ensures sanitary and safety practices in all phases of nutrition operations exceed established standards required by the Georgia Department of Health.
  • Maintains accurate child nutrition paperwork, to include food and equipment inventory, food production records, food orders, payroll, deposit ticket, accounts payable and emergency fund reimbursements. Meets all deadlines for paperwork.
  • Establishes work schedules and assignments of nutrition staff. Trains, supervises and evaluates staff.
  • Develops strategies to increase meals served and educate students about healthy eating habits.
  • Assists with meal preparation, serving, and sales, for regular service and special events.
  • Manages food tracking and production system and records, inventory, end of day/monthprocedures, lunch notices to families, and ensures a backup plan for tracking in the event of technical failure.
  • Train nutrition staff to manage basic operations to include: managing sales process, performing end of day procedures, and cash management.
  • Lead the Genesis Health and Wellness team, including development of a wellness plan.
  • Support operations team in managing admissions paperwork and student records.
  • Support operations team in event planning and execution, including parent meetings, board meetings, scholar celebrations, trips, etc.

Required Qualifications:

  • Associate’s degree in field (or related field)
  • Excellent computational, organizational, planning, and communication skills
  • Commitment to accuracy in calculations, data entry, and record keeping

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with bookkeeping or managing financial processes in a school setting
  • Knowledge of payroll processing
  • Demonstrated ability in using financial/accounting software.

The Genesis Commitment to Staff

Staff members are highly valued for the support they provide to the overall mission and the instructional program. We view staff as professionals who are fully capable of independent action. Genesis commits to a collaborative process for developing individualized support and coaching plans.  We prioritize respectful scholar-peer and scholar-staff interaction.