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Updated March 10, 2022


Important Updates for Parents

Our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families, keeping you connected and informed as we work together through every challenge.

COVID Testing Updates and Links

  • If parents need to report a COVID case (or anything related to COVID), please email
  • If you would like your child to be tested for COVID each week, please fill out the COVID Testing Consent Form. We ask that you fill out one for each scholar.

COVID Cases Update

Update of known/reported cases.

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Genesis Announcements
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Teaching & Learning Resources

Please note this page is currently under construction.

Academic Resources for Parents & Scholars at Home

Below are some academic resources that parents can use with scholars at home on their own. Usually they are free (or at least for a period). And they are usually easy to use. The recommendation is to focus on whatever subject you want your scholar to work on (to catch up, to get ahead, etc.) and one platform in that subject.  Then you can add another once you and your scholar have a comfortable routine.

Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.


Non-Fiction articles only.  You can assign articles or scholars can pick their own. There are short quizzes and writing prompts that you could assign and review. It is one of the few programs that allows you to track your scholar’s reading growth

Has audio books and read-to-me books, learning videos, comic books and textbooks, and a built-in dictionary. Kids can read to learn or just for fun. Note: You can sign up for free for a month. After that, Genesis may be able to supply school account

Articles (Grades 3 and up) – Another reading platform that allows you to create an account and assign articles or have kids read what they like. It also has videos with some articles and a Parent Guide with each article to help you discuss with your child.

For young and/or struggling readers. Download from Google Play to a tablet or phone for use anytime (Info:

This is a public library program that provides on-line access to book catalogs. Your scholar needs a library card and a pin.
Note: Scholars without a library card can apply on-line if needed. If E-Read Kids is not available with a virtual card, other books will be.


Renaissance Learning allows parents to use the platform for free, until further notice. Freckle is adaptive so it is good for all levels of learners.  It has fairly high-level, real-world activities (Inquiry Based Lessons) that might require some parent assistance, but sets this platform apart from others. (Also has ELA, Science, and Social Studies). Site:

The well-known platform is free and, while it does not have a lot of bells and whistles, is well organized and provides the opportunity for scholars to learn specific topics of their choosing or to sign up for an account that will allow parents and scholars to track progress.

Student & Family Resources

Please note this page is currently under construction.

Student and Family Resources


Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.

Device and Internet Access

We are still trying to make sure our families and scholars are connected. Please reach out to Ms. Jennifer Potter at if you have concerns or issues with devices or connectivity.

Important Procedures

The purpose of the ADA Grievance Procedure is to promptly and fairly resolve a conflict or dispute when an individual believes that either Genesis Innovation Academy for Girls or Genesis Innovation Academy for Boys (hereafter referred to collectively as Genesis) is not in compliance with its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and implementing regulation 28 C.F.R. 35.107.

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