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Updated September 6, 2021


Important Updates for Parents

Our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families, keeping you connected and informed as we work together through every challenge.

COVID Testing Updates and Links

  • If parents need to report a COVID case (or anything related to COVID), please email
  • If you would like your child to be tested for COVID each week, please fill out the COVID Testing Consent Form. We ask that you fill out one for each scholar.

COVID Cases Update

Update of known/reported cases.

Total Positives this School Year 
(as of 9/3)
Total Positives Last Week
Scholars 10 2
Staff 8 3
Genesis Announcements
Please find recent messages saved below:

Latest Parent Messages

Please be very mindful of this policy. Even though your child may not be allergic, others around them are. Some scholars can have severe reactions from simply being in a room with nut products.

Dear Genesis Parents,


Unfortunately, COVID infections continue to be a major concern for all schools. Many people are still skeptical about vaccines, largely because of a lack of trust (in the government, the science, the process, etc.). But we don’t seem to lack trust in other ways.  Every day most of us put food or medicine in our bodies that contain chemicals we have never heard of that have serious side effects. We’ve all seen commercials for drugs that treat conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, ADHD, erectile dysfunction, depression, etc. Those commercials always list side effects that seem worse than the condition the drug is treating.  But that does not stop most people from taking them.  If there was a conspiracy, drug companies and the government would not need to use the vaccine. They have plenty of chances to inflict harm in all the other stuff we take every day.  We all get to make the choice that is best for us and our family. So this is just a thought for your consideration, not a directive.


Please see updates below.


Remote Learning Day

We just completed our first remote learning day. Your scholar is expected to return all assignments completed when they return on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please reach out to your scholar’s teacher(s).  If you need additional assistance, reach out to the appropriate Executive Director:



All schedules have been finalized and posted to Power School. Parents will begin to see grades in the system.  New parents will receive an e-mail about accessing Power School. Information about Power School is also on our Great Start page in the Power School section.


Car Line & 2nd Dismissal

As always, we thank our parents for their patience while waiting in the car lane. As a reminder to our parents who arrive for 2nd dismissal, please do not arrive before 3:30 p.m.  We need time to finish the 1st dismissal. If you arrive before 3:30 p.m. you will be instructed by Genesis staff to use the far left lane or to circle around to allow 1st dismissal cars to pass through the line.  We expect our families to follow the directions given by staff. An individual that refuses staff directives (or harasses staff as they give directions) may be required to make arrangements for other adults/services to pick up their child.


Uniform / Dress Code

As a reminder, all scholars are expected to be in full uniform when they return on tomorrow, Tuesday, September 7. Full uniform includes everything from socks to belts to shoes, as well as items that require the Genesis logo.  Hopefully, parents were able to take advantage of the uniform sale this past Thursday. Parents will begin to receive notices of non-compliance about uniforms and should send questions or concerns about uniforms to our Deans:

The Genesis dress code is an important part of building the culture we want.  After a year and a half out of the building, we ask for parents’ support in helping us rebuild and improve upon the culture we had established.



COVID Testing Consent 

As a reminder, please fill out the COVID Testing Consent Form if you want your scholar to participate in regular weekly testing at Genesis. The testing will be conducted through the Department of Public Health. We ask that you fill out one for each scholar. We will update you when the program begins.


COVID and Labor Day Travel

If your scholar traveled by bus, plane, or train over the holiday weekend, we expect parents to follow CDC guidelines and have their scholar:

  1. Get tested within 3-5 days after travel
  2. Stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel

Teachers will be able post work virtually for quarantining scholars.


COVID Case Update

Update of known/reported cases.



Total Positives this School Year

(As of 9/3)

Total Positives This Past Week









Most of our parents are sending their scholars with masks. Thank you!  We ask that parents keep spare masks in the car in case you or your scholar(s) forget to bring one. Also, please make sure the masks fit.  If you have an elementary scholar, there are smaller masks that fit better.  Lastly, we recommend N95 masks for the best protection.


We certainly hope everyone had a restful long weekend.  Welcome Back! 

Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

Hello. I hope that this message finds you well. 

We are quickly approaching our first break of the academic year. At the conclusion of the break, all scholars will be expected to be in full uniform per the Genesis Family Handbook which can be found here beginning on page 29 for the ladies and page 32 for the men. 

Young ladies in grades K - 5 must have the following items:

  • Short sleeve gold polo with Genesis logo
  • Genesis gray pants or Genesis blue/gray plaid skirt or scooter
  • Solid black, white, blue, or gray socks or tights

Young men in grades K - 5 must have the following items:

  • Genesis Gray pants/slacks
  • Purple short sleeve polo with Genesis logo (tucked at all times)
  • Black belt
  • Socks – white, navy, blue, black, brown, gray
  • Shoes – white, navy, blue, grey or black

Young ladies in grades 6 - 10 must have the following items:

  • White Oxford shirt with Genesis logo (Long sleeve is required, short sleeve optional)
  • Genesis gray slacks gray skirt, or gray scooter
  • Purple cross tie Gray cardigan with Genesis logo
  • Solid color black, white or gray socks, knee socks, or tights
  • Shoes - All-black, flat, and closed-toe

Young men in grades 6 - 10 must have the following items:

  • Genesis charcoal gray slacks
  • White Oxford long sleeve shirt with Genesis Logo (tucked at all times)
  • Genesis Purple tie
  • Gray sweater vest with Genesis Logo
  • Black belt
  • Black socks
  • All Black shoe (no boots, no open-toed shoe)

We will be having a gently used uniform sale on Thursday, September 2, 2021, from 2 pm to 5 pm at Church of Atlanta Lighthouse - 1380 Boulevard SE, Atlanta, GA 30315. If you plan to attend please be sure to register your scholar at MyPaymentPlus by clicking here. Please follow the directions below to register your scholar.

How to register my scholar

  1. Visit the link above (
  2. For the state select "Georgia"
  3. For the school select "Genesis Innovation Academy"
  4. Enter your first and last name (not your scholar's name), email address, and password. 
  5. You will need your scholar's school ID number to register (if you need this number please email Mr. Lovett (

Thank you for your continued support of Genesis Innovation Academy and we look forward to seeing you at the Gently Used Uniform Sale. 


Gently Used Uniform Sale.pdf 

Dear Genesis Parents,

We need to inform you that we are closing the building down this Friday to facilitate COVID preparations.  We do not have a lot of cases. However, there are things that need to be done to help us keep it that way.  We need to do a deep clean of the building, install additional desk shields, install cameras in select classrooms to support scholars who do quarantine, rearrange some rooms to minimize close contact, and get additional training on contact tracing and other COVID protocols.

While we are working on that, scholars will be working remotely from home.  Teachers will send home work that can be done without teacher support.  Teachers will provide specific instructions to parents and scholars about when and how work is to be completed and submitted. Please note that submitted work is how attendance is taken for a remote learning day.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but these are not normal times.  Given the times, we are trying to be proactive and prepared for what will probably be another year of adjustments that are difficult to plan for.

Please reach out to your scholar(s)’ Executive Director with any questions you may have.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

Dear Genesis Family,

We have completed two weeks and are pressing forward.  The main challenge is still how we manage COVID-19 cases.  This is a difficult situation for all.  Since the beginning of the crisis it has been clear that the medical / public health establishment has struggled to provide us with clear and definitive guidance. Each family, school, and community is left to take the information given and do the best it can for those who they are responsible for. I wish it were not this way. But it is.  We are all desperate to take care of our children’s physical health but in the process, we don’t want to diminish their emotional/social health and development or educational progress. We are all struggling with the right balance. One basic truth will not change – we will get through this better together.

Updates below:


Schedules are being finalized. We are using additional data (not just this year’s MAP) to expedite the process.  Please know that teachers are still teaching. They are not waiting on the schedules to be finalized.  K-4 schedules are almost done.  Returning high school and middle scholar schedules are also almost finalized (some new scholar schedules are being delayed because of incomplete records). This year’s MAP data may provide helpful information for some scholar schedules in 5-10.

Late Arrivals

Remember that scholars are technically late if they arrive at 8:01 a.m. We have been providing a grace period in the morning but that is getting shorter each day. There may be situations (e.g. a bad storm) that cause us to extend the time. But that should be rare.  Please try to arrive by 7:45 a.m. to be safe.  If the car line is reduced to one-lane, that means your scholar is tardy and we will process the tardy check-in from the car line. If no staff member is in the car line, be prepared to park and enter the office.

After Care

There may have been different instructions given to parents so we want to clarify.  Parents of after-care scholars should inform Global Tech before 2 p.m. if they want to pick their scholar up from the car line during regular dismissal. Global Tech will then remove your scholar from the after-care list and will not pick the scholar from the class. Parents should use Global Tech’s Brigthwheel system to make any such changes. Parents should e-mail their scholar’s teacher as a back-up.

Fall Reopening Survey

We have had over 300 responses (we need more, we have over 500 families).  If you have not responded please click on the Fall 2021 Reopening Survey link.  The summary of responses:

  • Over 80% of K-8 families prefer in-person learning (60% of high school families prefer in-person)
  • However, about 60% of those who prefer in-person would prefer virtual if cases increase
  • 60-70% of families state they have gotten (or will get) their scholars (12 years old and up) vaccinated
  • 60% responded that they will consent to COVID testing.

This means it is important for us all to keep looking at the numbers.  Again, if you have not responded to the survey, you can still do so: Fall 2021 Reopening Survey

Based on some of the comments we have received so far, I wanted to add a couple of additional reminders, comments, and updates:

COVID Testing Consent 

The Fall 2021 Reopening survey asked a general question about consent for COVID testing.  We now need parents to formally consent to testing for each of their children.  This will help us prepare for the weekly testing sponsored by the Department of Health.  That testing can begin as soon as next week.  Please fill out the COVID Testing Consent Form. We ask that you fill out one for each scholar.

COVID Case Update

Case Update


Total Positives this School Year

(As of the end of Last Week)

Total Positives Last Week







In general, we have had some scholars and staff feel ill (due to various reasons), have symptoms, have contact with positive individuals (or individuals who were themselves in contact with a positive person). We’ve had a lot of individuals get tested.  But relative to those numbers, we have not had a lot of cases.

COVID Reporting (to Genesis)

If parents or staff need to report cases (or anything related to COVID), please use the e-mail.  If you need immediate assistance try to reach a team member at 404-990-3844.  Keep in mind that there are times of the day when the office staff is busy with calls and either morning or afternoon procedures.

COVID Notification (from Genesis)

Notification guidance from the Department of Public Health has been evolving. The current guidance suggests that we notify the following:

  • A parent of a positive scholar
  • A staff member who tests positive
  • The close contacts of a person who tests positive
  • The parents of scholars in a classroom of someone who tested positive

What may tell each contact something different, depending on the circumstances.  What is important to note is that we will not be informing parents of a scholar who may have been near an infected scholar of another class. Again, we will inform close contacts (in the same class or not) and those in the classroom (close contact or not). This is slightly different than what we were doing previously.

Safety Precautions

  • Scholars are in the same group in the same room (with rare exceptions) to minimize possible spread
  • Please make sure your scholar has a mask that fits. An N95 mask provides the best protection.
  • Outdoor transmission is very rare, but we still expect scholars to wear masks outdoors unless they are properly distanced.
  • Thank you parents for sending water for your scholar (and their classmates). Hands-free water dispensers are still on hold due to supply chain delays.

Virtual Learning

There are many comments and questions about virtual learning.  I have stated that we are unfortunately not staffed to provide both virtual and in-person instruction at the same time.  Some districts (and one school that I am aware of) have separate virtual schools. There are also specialized virtual schools. But the majority of our parents want in-person learning and much of our effort has gone into making that model as safe and effective as possible.

It is important to note that virtual instruction is different than providing work through virtual platforms.  We still intend to provide work assignments through on-line platforms (either asynchronously or to supplement in-class instruction).  However, we are not planning to have a full schedule of virtual classes in which a teacher and the class are all on Zoom alongside a full in-person teaching schedule.

We are hoping to roll out an opportunity for sick/quarantined scholars to “Zoom” into the classroom. But as I noted that is not a true virtual instruction model (the teacher would be focused on those in the classroom while scholars will be observing from home with limited interaction).

We will consider going to a full virtual model if increasing COVID numbers indicate that to be the best strategy.

Thank you!

Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

Dear Genesis Family,

We continue to ask for and thank you for your patience as we work through smoothing out various processes at the beginning of the school year.  Teachers spent much of their time the first week on routines, culture, and assessments. That will continue this coming week, though instruction will be more rigorous as well. Also, we are refining our COVID-19 protocols to align with the most recent CDC guidelines (see below).  We know that COVID-19 makes this is a difficult time for all of us. We apologize for any delays or problems that you experience as a result of the adjustments we have to make in these uncertain times.  Nothing is normal but we will continue to press forward. There are several updates below that we need you to read through and ask questions about if needed. 

COVID-19 Protocols Part 1: Parent Feedback – We are proceeding with in-person learning but are watching the numbers closely.  If cases and hospitalizations increase among young people, returning to virtual learning is a serious consideration.  Again, we are not there yet.  We are proceeding with in-person learning but we want to get a better idea of parents’ opinions.  I want to reassure you that we have used past survey data to guide our decisions – your opinion matters. We also need your response to whether you consent to have your scholar(s) tested for COVID at school.  Please fill out the Fall 21 Reopening Parent Survey to help us better plan for our families.

COVID-19 Protocols Part 2: Masks – In general, we are pleased that our scholars are showing up with masks and a willingness to wear them.  However, we do have some scholars showing up without masks.  Please make sure your scholar has a mask. That is the best protection we have for our scholars and staff. We will provide a mask if a scholar does not have one, but we are not prepared to provide every scholar a mask every day as a regular practice. We appreciate your cooperation.

COVID-19 Protocols Part 3: Reporting / Contact Tracing – If a scholar (or any member of the scholar’s household) tests positive, please send an e-mail to Please include the scholar’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher (if known), and the scholar’s status (tested positive, in a home with a diagnosed person, etc.).  A member of the Genesis team will follow up with the family, administration, and teachers on next steps. If your scholar is in close contact with a scholar who was diagnosed with COVID, we will reach out to you with next steps.  In general, all families should be prepared to quarantine their scholar(s) in these situations and wait for further instructions.  Please review the CDC definition of “Close Contact” (after clicking the link, scroll down to Appendix A - Glossary Section).

COVID-19 Protocols Part 4: Scholar Work – If your scholar has to quarantine for any period of time, please make sure you reach out to the homeroom teacher to help you get work assignments (and connect you to all of your scholar’s teachers).  If you have difficulty connecting with teachers please reach out to our Executive Directors. Contact information is below.


After-Care: Pick Up Changes – If your scholar is signed up to go to aftercare they will be sent there each day. If you need to make a change for a particular day you must communicate that to Global Tech and to the homeroom teacher.  Please note that we are not able to dismiss scholars from after-care to the car line. Parents have to park and sign their scholar out of after-care (which is difficult during regular dismissal times, thus pick up from aftercare should occur after the second dismissal)


Car Lane Part I: Arrival – In general, morning arrival is going better and most of our families are arriving on time! Please be aware of the following to help the process go even better:

  • Scholars are technically late if they get to their classroom at 8:01 a.m. or after
  • Please prepare your scholars to leave the car quickly (get book bags and lunches together, seat belts unbuckled, etc.)
  • Only let your scholars out of the car after a staff member checks their temperature (roll down windows, if possible).
  • If you arrive after 8:00 a.m. and no staff member is in the car lane, you must escort your scholar into the building to sign them in.
  • Please watch your speed in the car lane for everyone’s safety (by law, we have to report speeding to the authorities).


Car Lane Part 2: Dismissal – As a reminder, dismissal times are:

  • Grades K-4 – Dismissal begins at 2:45 p.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.
  • Grades 5 and up – Dismissal begins at 3:45 p.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.

Parents picking up for the first dismissal (grade K-4) should arrive between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Parents arriving for second dismissal (grade 5 and up) should arrive between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.


Car Lane Part 3: Numbers/Cards – The Silent Dismissal Cards (with dismissal numbers) have been sent home with scholars and through e-mail. If you have not received your Silent Dismissal card/number, reach out to your Academy Dean:


Car Lane Part 4: Arrival and Departure Routes – We are asking parents to help us keep traffic moving with the following strategies:

  • Approach/Arrive at Genesis from the west – Arrive at Genesis from the Boulevard end of Custer (whether you are coming in the morning or the afternoon) to minimize the traffic back up on Moreland.
  • When leaving, turn left if possible – Those who travel south on Moreland toward I-285 may find it easier to turn left to Benteen, then go left to McDonough, then turn left again to Moreland.
  • Turn left when directed to do so – If the traffic has backed up, the attending police officer or staff member may have to direct cars to turn left even if they prefer not to. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we will only ask when absolutely necessary.


Early Dismissal – Due to a need to keep traffic flowing during dismissal and because of limited parking, early dismissal pick-ups must occur before 2:15 p.m. This applies to all grades.  We can not dismiss upper school scholars during the lower school dismissal.


Sibling Care – Genesis offers free “sibling care” to parents who have a scholar in grades K-4 AND a scholar in grades 5 and up.  Scholars in sibling care will be allowed to wait with a designated teacher until the older sibling is released during second dismissal.  K-4 parents must let their scholar’s homeroom teacher know if they will need sibling care.  Any scholar who is not signed up for sibling care, and who is not picked up by 3:30 p.m., will be sent to the Global Tech after-care program as an emergency drop-in.  There is a fee for Global Tech’s after-care service.  


Uniforms  – We are aware that some families are still waiting for uniform orders. Until you receive your uniform, scholars need to wear an all-white top (polo or collared shirt) and dark slacks/pants. Girls may also wear a dark skirt. Jeans are not an option. All scholars must be in full uniform by Labor Day. Also, keep in mind that our dress code does not allow scholars to have unnatural hair colors and that our boys/young men are not allowed to wear earrings. In addition, please pay close attention to shoe color, sock color, and belt requirements. Please see the Dress Code section in the Genesis Handbook or the website uniform page


MAP Testing and Schedules – MAP Testing is being delayed for a week to iron out some technical issues. MAP data is used primarily to assist teachers in identifying learning gaps.  MAP data may affect schedules for certain grades.  We will finalize those schedules that will not be affected by MAP data as soon as possible. Core instruction will proceed as normal without delay.


If you have questions, please direct them to or call 404-990-3844.


Thank you and have a great day and a blessed week!



Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

404-990-3844 (O) // 404-990-3844 (F)

1049 Custer Ave SE // Atlanta, GA 30316

CCRPI Outperformers, 2019

Georgia Rewards School, 2019

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Genesis Families-

Today is our first day of dismissal during inclement weather. We thank all of you ahead of time for your patience and flexibility as we make it work!!!

A few updates about arrival and dismissal each day:


  • Scholars can arrive on campus daily as early as 7:15 AM
  • Please make sure that your scholars are awake, out of their seatbelts, with all belongings in hand when they arrive to the front of the car lane line each morning
  • Scholars should remain in their cars until a staff member opens the door or asks them to exit
  • Morning car lane ends at 8AM. Scholars who arrive after the staff has gone inside will need to be escorted in by an adult and signed in late via the main office


  • EARLY SCHOOL dismissal begins at 2:45 PM each day
  • Please do not arrive on campus and begin to lineup for EARLY SCHOOL dismissal until after 2:30 PM
  • UPPER SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL dismissal begins at 3:45 PM each day
  • Please do not arrive on campus and begin to lineup for UPPER SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL dismissal until after 3:30
  • If you have a scholar(s) in EARLY SCHOOL and in UPPER SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL your younger scholar can remain with his/her teacher for SIBLING CARE until the second dismissal begins @ 3:45. You do not have to come thru the car lane both times. However, older siblings WILL NOT be dismissed early during the LOWER SCHOOL dismissal
  • AFTER CARE pick-ups do not begin until after 4:30 PM. If your scholar is in After Care please do not enter the car lane area until after 4:30. We cannot accommodate parking for after care parents until this time


  • Please make sure that passenger doors are unlocked so that the car lane staff can easily access and assist the scholars with getting in and out of the cars
  • Please remain in your car and please do not call scholars from the curb to come to you, without an adult to assist them
  • It is essential that everyone driving is very cautious and aware of the scholars as they enter the car lanes. SAFETY FIRST!
  • Please adhere to the 5MPH speed limit while on campus
  • Please pack your patience and be courteous to the car lane staff and GIA staff helping with traffic. We are all doing our best to get our scholars in and out of the building as quickly and safely as we can.

Together we can!


Subject: Head of Schools Update: 8.4.2021


Dear Genesis Family,

Thank you for your patience as we have taken this past week to revise our plans for reopening due to an identified COVID-19 case and the possibility of additional staff exposure. We can report that after testing our team, no additional cases were reported. However, the reality of a vaccinated staff member being symptomatic did require us to regroup.

We are committed to creating a safe and engaging educational environment for our scholars. We know that many parents are concerned about how things will work in a world with an ongoing and ever-changing pandemic. Please know that we will continue to be prepared to make changes as the situation around us changes.

Last year, we made decisions based on the feedback of our entire Genesis family (parents, faculty, and staff). We could not please everyone, but we made decisions that were different from those of surrounding districts because our families expressed different concerns. We will continue to listen to our families and our team as we move forward.

As we get closer to the opening of school, there are a few updates to consider:

Covid-19 Protocols – Click the link to review our reopening plan with COVID-19 protocols COVID Plan for Reopening_Fall 2021 (1).pdf. The plan includes provisions for an all-virtual learning model, but only if we find ourselves in that situation again. The current plan is to be fully in-person when we begin next week. Please note that the most important part of the plan is that everybody on campus will be wearing masks when they are indoors, as per CDC recommendations, to reduce the possibility of spread. If your scholar has underlying conditions, please reach out to Ms. Fagin at

Open House – Open House was rescheduled for this Friday. Click here for Open House flyer: Open House 2021_Updated.pdf

Arrival – Regular drop-off begins at 7:15 am. (See the Great Start page for information about early morning care). Scholars will have their temperature checked before exiting the car. Parents will be expected to take their scholars home or get them medical attention if they have a high temperature. Parents are also expected to remain in their cars. Scholars will be escorted to designated areas by staff. Please be prepared to be patient as we work through this brand new process.

  • Note: Parents of
    K-1 scholars will receive information on a late arrival process that will allow them to walk their scholars into the building on a limited basis at the beginning of next week.

Parents in Building – Parents should not expect to enter the building unless directed to do so by staff. Parent visitation may be allowed at a later date once Genesis is more comfortable with new protocols. Every effort will be made to conduct parent meetings virtually.

Dismissal – Dismissal begins at 2:45 for K-4, and 3:45 for grades 5 and up. All dismissals will be from the car line. Again, patience will be important. All families will be given dismissal numbers and cards to put on their car dashboard within the first week of school to facilitate the process. Staff will also have walkie-talkies as back-ups. We will make adjustments as needed.

Structure – Genesis is growing and revising its structure. Our Executive Directors have been assigned to manage school levels to hopefully make it easier for parents to get much needed information. Leaders and their school level assignments are listed below:

Your primary contacts are still your scholar’s teachers (for instructional information) and our front desk/customer service specialist, Ms. Cazaubon (for general information). However, if you have any concerns or unanswered questions, feel free to reach out to the listed Executive Director that oversees your scholar’s grade.

Congratulations to Mr. Christian – Mr. Christian has accepted a new opportunity that will allow him to train school leaders in various districts across the country. We are grateful for his years of amazing service to the Genesis community and we offer our congratulations as he will begin to make an even bigger impact in education for children all over the country.

Scholars Eat for Free –  Genesis is now a part of the Seamless Summer option under the National School Lunch Program. That means all of our scholars now receive free meals without each individual family having to qualify for the free meal program. If you have questions, please reach out to our Ms. Fagin at Scholars also have the option to bring their own lunch.

Calendar Changes – Due to the one week delay to the start of school, Genesis will have to change the calendar. It is likely that we will have to replace February break with instructional days or add instructional days on to the end of the year. We will send out a survey to collect parent feedback for Board consideration.

Cell Phones – Remember that Genesis does not allow scholars to bring cell phones or any other personal electronic devices on campus (please see the Handbook for more information on this policy). If parents have extraordinary circumstances that require their scholar to have a cell phone on campus, those parents must reach out to one of our Deans of Students to request a meeting for cell phone approval. Our Girls Academy Dean is Ms. Taryn Rice ( and our Boys Academy Dean is Mr. Eddie Lovett (

Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

404-990-3844 (O) // 404-990-3844 (F)

1049 Custer Ave SE // Atlanta, GA 30316

CCRPI Outperformers, 2019

Georgia Rewards School, 2019

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Archived Past Messages

Parent Update: Friday March 15, 2021

Dear Genesis Family,

It has been one-year since all of our lives were changed by an invisible and relentless enemy – a virus – that does not care who you are or where you come from. But, we may be on the verge of defeating it. The fight is not over. Let us continue to be diligent about protecting the health and well-being of our families and ourselves. As usual, our prayers are with you.

Below are important updates we wanted to provide for you at this time.

Milestones Testing

As per the Georgia Department of Education, all scholars in grades 3-9 are expected to take the Georgia Milestones this year.  Testing begins the week of April 26 (a complete schedule will be mailed at a later date). Testing can ONLY be administered in-person, on-site at the Genesis campus.  However, schools cannot require scholars to take the test if those scholars are being instructed in an all-virtual setting. Those parents can-opt out.  Scholars who are being instructed in a hybrid or in-person model will be scheduled for testing (given they would already be on campus).

Possible Return to Campus

It was noted above that in-person scholars will be expected to take the Milestones. Of course, Genesis is all-virtual at the moment.  We will continue to have an all-virtual option this semester, no matter what. However, decreasing infection rates and increasing vaccinations make a return to campus for in-person instruction a more realistic option. Here is where we stand:

  • Fall 2021 – Genesis fully expects to be back to in-person learning at the beginning of August (the final calendar will be approved and posted this month).  A lot can happen between now and August, but everyone should plan for an August return.

  • Spring 2021 - Genesis has not made a decision about returning this semester.  Why? Because we need to get feedback from our parents. Your past feedback was vital to helping us plan and we are asking you to once again fill out a survey to help us plan again.  We can only use the feedback we actually get so we really need the most responses possible, as soon as possible.  We will then hold a Town Hall meeting next week to update everyone on what we learned and our options going forward.  Please fill out the survey here by Tuesday of next week, March 16

Thank you for your support and perseverance throughout this year.

P.S. Prior to taking the survey, please feel free to review the information below regarding the basic features of the options that are most likely to be available, IF and when we return to campus:

Additional Information: Learning and Instructional Options to Consider

All-Virtual Learning – Everything remains as is if we decide to remain virtual-only.  In a perfect world, scholars would have a teacher dedicated to teaching a virtual group only. However, if you choose an all-virtual option for your scholar, he/she may be taught by a teacher who is also teaching scholars in-person at the same time. This would depend on how many families choose a particular option.


In-Person Learning – Scholars would be on campus every day (unless a special asynchronous day is scheduled).  Keep the following in mind:

  1. In-person scholars may be in a classroom setting with a teacher that is also teaching scholars virtually at the same time.
  2. If point #1 is true, in-person scholars may receive instruction primarily by computer, in order to keep the experience consistent for everyone (similar to a Learning Pod setting, but with the actual teacher).
  3. If the number of scholars that opt-in to in-person learning exceeds the maximum allowed in a socially-distanced classroom, a hybrid learning model (see below) would be offered to accommodate all scholars.

Hybrid Learning – This would mean choosing to have your scholar alternate (by day or by week) in-person instruction with virtual instruction in the manner described above for each option.

Learning Pod – The Learning Pod provides adult supervision while scholars learn virtually.  The supervising adults may be able to offer support and guidance, but they are not assigned as classroom teachers.

Again, we need everyone to respond to this survey by next Tuesday, March 16, to make sure your input is considered and we have the data needed to present to you during next week's Town Hall.  Details for the Town Hall will be forwarded in a separate email.



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Teaching & Learning Resources

Please note this page is currently under construction.

Academic Resources for Parents & Scholars at Home

Below are some academic resources that parents can use with scholars at home on their own. Usually they are free (or at least for a period). And they are usually easy to use. The recommendation is to focus on whatever subject you want your scholar to work on (to catch up, to get ahead, etc.) and one platform in that subject.  Then you can add another once you and your scholar have a comfortable routine.

Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.


Non-Fiction articles only.  You can assign articles or scholars can pick their own. There are short quizzes and writing prompts that you could assign and review. It is one of the few programs that allows you to track your scholar’s reading growth

Has audio books and read-to-me books, learning videos, comic books and textbooks, and a built-in dictionary. Kids can read to learn or just for fun. Note: You can sign up for free for a month. After that, Genesis may be able to supply school account

Articles (Grades 3 and up) – Another reading platform that allows you to create an account and assign articles or have kids read what they like. It also has videos with some articles and a Parent Guide with each article to help you discuss with your child.

For young and/or struggling readers. Download from Google Play to a tablet or phone for use anytime (Info:

This is a public library program that provides on-line access to book catalogs. Your scholar needs a library card and a pin.
Note: Scholars without a library card can apply on-line if needed. If E-Read Kids is not available with a virtual card, other books will be.


Renaissance Learning allows parents to use the platform for free, until further notice. Freckle is adaptive so it is good for all levels of learners.  It has fairly high-level, real-world activities (Inquiry Based Lessons) that might require some parent assistance, but sets this platform apart from others. (Also has ELA, Science, and Social Studies). Site:

The well-known platform is free and, while it does not have a lot of bells and whistles, is well organized and provides the opportunity for scholars to learn specific topics of their choosing or to sign up for an account that will allow parents and scholars to track progress.

Student & Family Resources

Please note this page is currently under construction.

Student and Family Resources


Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.

Device and Internet Access

We are still trying to make sure our families and scholars are connected. Please reach out to Ms. Jennifer Potter at if you have concerns or issues with devices or connectivity.

Important Procedures

The purpose of the ADA Grievance Procedure is to promptly and fairly resolve a conflict or dispute when an individual believes that either Genesis Innovation Academy for Girls or Genesis Innovation Academy for Boys (hereafter referred to collectively as Genesis) is not in compliance with its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and implementing regulation 28 C.F.R. 35.107.

Stay tuned as we continue to rebuild our site.