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Updated March 15, 2021


Important Updates for Parents

Our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families, keeping you connected and informed as we work together through every challenge.

Our latest town hall was on March 23, 2021.
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Parent Update: Friday March 15, 2021

Dear Genesis Family,

It has been one-year since all of our lives were changed by an invisible and relentless enemy – a virus – that does not care who you are or where you come from. But, we may be on the verge of defeating it. The fight is not over. Let us continue to be diligent about protecting the health and well-being of our families and ourselves. As usual, our prayers are with you.

Below are important updates we wanted to provide for you at this time.

Milestones Testing

As per the Georgia Department of Education, all scholars in grades 3-9 are expected to take the Georgia Milestones this year.  Testing begins the week of April 26 (a complete schedule will be mailed at a later date). Testing can ONLY be administered in-person, on-site at the Genesis campus.  However, schools cannot require scholars to take the test if those scholars are being instructed in an all-virtual setting. Those parents can-opt out.  Scholars who are being instructed in a hybrid or in-person model will be scheduled for testing (given they would already be on campus).

Possible Return to Campus

It was noted above that in-person scholars will be expected to take the Milestones. Of course, Genesis is all-virtual at the moment.  We will continue to have an all-virtual option this semester, no matter what. However, decreasing infection rates and increasing vaccinations make a return to campus for in-person instruction a more realistic option. Here is where we stand:

  • Fall 2021 – Genesis fully expects to be back to in-person learning at the beginning of August (the final calendar will be approved and posted this month).  A lot can happen between now and August, but everyone should plan for an August return.

  • Spring 2021 - Genesis has not made a decision about returning this semester.  Why? Because we need to get feedback from our parents. Your past feedback was vital to helping us plan and we are asking you to once again fill out a survey to help us plan again.  We can only use the feedback we actually get so we really need the most responses possible, as soon as possible.  We will then hold a Town Hall meeting next week to update everyone on what we learned and our options going forward.  Please fill out the survey here by Tuesday of next week, March 16

Thank you for your support and perseverance throughout this year.

P.S. Prior to taking the survey, please feel free to review the information below regarding the basic features of the options that are most likely to be available, IF and when we return to campus:

Additional Information: Learning and Instructional Options to Consider

All-Virtual Learning – Everything remains as is if we decide to remain virtual-only.  In a perfect world, scholars would have a teacher dedicated to teaching a virtual group only. However, if you choose an all-virtual option for your scholar, he/she may be taught by a teacher who is also teaching scholars in-person at the same time. This would depend on how many families choose a particular option.


In-Person Learning – Scholars would be on campus every day (unless a special asynchronous day is scheduled).  Keep the following in mind:

  1. In-person scholars may be in a classroom setting with a teacher that is also teaching scholars virtually at the same time.
  2. If point #1 is true, in-person scholars may receive instruction primarily by computer, in order to keep the experience consistent for everyone (similar to a Learning Pod setting, but with the actual teacher).
  3. If the number of scholars that opt-in to in-person learning exceeds the maximum allowed in a socially-distanced classroom, a hybrid learning model (see below) would be offered to accommodate all scholars.

Hybrid Learning – This would mean choosing to have your scholar alternate (by day or by week) in-person instruction with virtual instruction in the manner described above for each option.

Learning Pod – The Learning Pod provides adult supervision while scholars learn virtually.  The supervising adults may be able to offer support and guidance, but they are not assigned as classroom teachers.

Again, we need everyone to respond to this survey by next Tuesday, March 16, to make sure your input is considered and we have the data needed to present to you during next week's Town Hall.  Details for the Town Hall will be forwarded in a separate email.



Gavin Samms, Ph.D. // Head of Schools & CEO

404-990-3844 (O) // 404-990-3844 (F)

1049 Custer Ave SE // Atlanta, GA 30316

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Teaching & Learning Resources

Academic Resources for Parents & Scholars at Home

Below are some academic resources that parents can use with scholars at home on their own. Usually they are free (or at least for a period). And they are usually easy to use. The recommendation is to focus on whatever subject you want your scholar to work on (to catch up, to get ahead, etc.) and one platform in that subject.  Then you can add another once you and your scholar have a comfortable routine.

Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.


Non-Fiction articles only.  You can assign articles or scholars can pick their own. There are short quizzes and writing prompts that you could assign and review. It is one of the few programs that allows you to track your scholar’s reading growth

Has audio books and read-to-me books, learning videos, comic books and textbooks, and a built-in dictionary. Kids can read to learn or just for fun. Note: You can sign up for free for a month. After that, Genesis may be able to supply school account

Articles (Grades 3 and up) – Another reading platform that allows you to create an account and assign articles or have kids read what they like. It also has videos with some articles and a Parent Guide with each article to help you discuss with your child.

For young and/or struggling readers. Download from Google Play to a tablet or phone for use anytime (Info:

This is a public library program that provides on-line access to book catalogs. Your scholar needs a library card and a pin.
Note: Scholars without a library card can apply on-line if needed. If E-Read Kids is not available with a virtual card, other books will be.


Renaissance Learning allows parents to use the platform for free, until further notice. Freckle is adaptive so it is good for all levels of learners.  It has fairly high-level, real-world activities (Inquiry Based Lessons) that might require some parent assistance, but sets this platform apart from others. (Also has ELA, Science, and Social Studies). Site:

The well-known platform is free and, while it does not have a lot of bells and whistles, is well organized and provides the opportunity for scholars to learn specific topics of their choosing or to sign up for an account that will allow parents and scholars to track progress.

Student & Family Resources

Student and Family Resources


Note: Sites will be added (or subtracted) on an on-going basis.

Device and Internet Access

We are still trying to make sure our families and scholars are connected. Please reach out to Ms. Jennifer Potter at if you have concerns or issues with devices or connectivity.

Important Procedures

The purpose of the ADA Grievance Procedure is to promptly and fairly resolve a conflict or dispute when an individual believes that either Genesis Innovation Academy for Girls or Genesis Innovation Academy for Boys (hereafter referred to collectively as Genesis) is not in compliance with its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and implementing regulation 28 C.F.R. 35.107.

Stay tuned as we continue to rebuild our site.