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Updated September 8, 2022


Important Updates for Parents

Our main goal during these unusual times is the health and safety of our families, keeping you connected and informed as we work together through every challenge.

School-Parent Compact

Outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and scholars will share in the responsibility for improved scholar academic achievement.

Parents, please review the School-Parent Compact(s) below for your scholar(s). We welcome your comments or questions by clicking on the link for our feedback form.

Parents, please share your comments or questions about the School-Parent Compact here:

Genesis Announcements
Please find recent messages saved below:

Latest Parent Messages

Dear Genesis Family,


I’m reaching out for your help and support. I’m sure we all understand the importance of following rules. Unfortunately, some parents are allowing (encouraging) their scholars to ignore Genesis Handbook rules and policy related to uniforms, food, phones, and general behavior.  I know every parent does not agree with all the rules. But most of us would never drop our child off at someone else’s house and tell that child that the rules of that house (and the consequences for breaking those rules) are optional because we do not like them.  Let us continue to teach our scholars about the integrity of following the “small” rules before they begin to believe they can break “bigger” ones. “The small foxes spoil the vine.”


A couple of reminders/updates below:


Health and Wellness Info

  • Flu - The Georgia Department of Health has issued an advisory that flu activity is widespread in Georgia and earlier than normal. Please take precautions for yourself and your scholar
  • RSV- Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV) is also increasing but is unlikely to affect our school population (it mostly affects children aged 1 and younger). If you have infants, please take precautions. Unlike the flu, there is no vaccine.
  • Telehealth: COVID-19 – An e-mail about a telehealth COVID testing program was sent from our COVID team last month. A testing kit was sent home with each scholar a couple of weeks ago.  If you have not registered for the testing program, and would like to, please send an e-mail to for additional information.


Book Fair Recap

Thank you, parents, for supporting our Book Fair and your scholars desire to read.  There were more books purchased than during any of the Book Fairs that we had prior to the pandemic.  It is worth celebrating when our children remind us that they love to read if we present them with a book that interests them. Please keep providing your scholar with more books at home that they enjoy.


Write Score Testing

Reminder: Write Score testing occurs this week on the following schedule.

  • Monday, November 14 for 3rd-5th Grades
  • Tuesday, November 15 for 6th-8th Grades
  • Wednesday, November 16 for Makeups

ESSR Funding

Last year, we sent a parent survey to get feedback on how to best use ESSR funds (last year’s plan is posted HERE).  Our new plan is attached.  The goals are the same as last year, but we now propose to use ESSR funds for teacher salaries and Operating funds (which are more flexible) to address the other goals in the plan.  Again, we are not proposing to change or eliminate goals, only which source funds them. Please fill out the survey HERE to provide feedback. The feedback would help determine if we change funding goals/priorities. 


Be safe, be healthy, be blessed!

Dear Genesis Family,

As we settle into the school year, I want to thank you for allowing Genesis to serve you and your scholars.  And what we do is definitely more service than work.  Our desire is to help your scholars reach their full potential. They are not our job; they are our calling.  We hope to truly establish a partnership with you that allows us to work together on a plan that ensures that we reinforce the same expectations at home and at school.  That is the best way to make sure our scholars succeed.

If you have questions on how to make this partnership work, please reach out to your scholar’s teacher(s). If you are having trouble connecting with a teacher, please reach out to their Executive Director.  You should also feel free to reach out to our Family Engagement Coordinator (Parent Liaison), Mr. Patrick Remy, either of our Deans of Students or myself. We want to make sure you are connected one way or another.  We are not perfect, but we are here to serve.

Below are some updates and contact information for individuals mentioned above.

Family Handbook

An updated version of the Handbook has been posted to the website.  Click the link to be directed to our Family Handbook.  There are some key additions due to new state policies and clarification of federal and school policy, including:

  • Protect Student First Act Policy – This is to comply with new state legislation that prohibits instruction and training that discriminates or harasses based on race
  • Parents Bill of Rights Policy – This addresses new state legislation to make sure parents can request and receive more information on curriculum
  • Non-Discrimination – There is additional clarification on a school’s requirement to treat all persons equally regardless of race, sex, disability, or other protected class (and how to address any concerns regarding possible discrimination).
  • Volunteer Policy – There is clarification that volunteer training must address student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Promotion Policy – There is clarification on how promotion decisions are made.

Parent Compact

The 2022-2023 Parent Compact has been posted to the Parent Page on our website for review and comment.  Please stay tuned for announcements about meetings to discuss the Compact and the Family Engagement plan for the year.

Car Line Morning Drop Off

There are a couple of safety reminders about morning drop off:

  • Parents should drop scholars off in the car lane where Genesis staff are stationed to receive them (please do not drop off behind the building).
  • Please do not exit through the driveway entrance during morning drop off (or at any time). Law enforcement will be involved for future violations.
  • Late scholars must be checked-in by a parent/guardian.  Though it is unlikely, we want to avoid the possibility of your scholar wandering off after you drop them off at a time when there is no adult supervision in the car lane. 

Excessive Tardiness

Instruction begins at 8:00 a.m. We have WAAAAY too many scholars arriving late. Please remember that if your scholar is tardy three (3) times it is treated the same as one unexcused absence. At that point, you may begin to receive messages about being tardy. If a scholar is tardy nine (9) or more times, the family will be referred to the school social worker.

Checking Grade on Power School

Please make sure you check Power School to verify your scholar’s current grades. If you do not see enough information or if you think there is a mistake, this is a good time to reach out to the teacher to ask questions (or Academy Directors if you cannot reach the teacher).

Contact Information:

Below is important contact information to keep for your records (most are on the Contact Us page of the website).

 We hope you have an amazing and blessed rest of your day!

Greetings Parents, 

We copy messages to this tab to provide a convenient repository of certain email updates we make.  

You will see new emails posted here (ones we have already sent to parents) to help you reference them here.

We hope you find this resource helpful.

Kind regards, 


Archived Past Messages

Genesis Head of Schools Update 7.31.22
Genesis Head of Schools Update 7.31.22

Dear Genesis Family,

Welcome back!  We are excited to receive our scholars and families back for another year. It was great to see many of you at Open House this past Friday and we are excited to begin what we believe will be a great year.

Important updates are below:

General Patience – We ask all parents to be patient for the first week or two.  Every process may not work perfectly according to plan, and we will have to adjust. Schedules will change.  Families may be enrolling throughout the week.  It is always a part of the experience at the beginning of the year.

Arrival – Regular drop-off begins at 7:15 am. (early morning care begins at 6:30 a.m. for those who registered with Global Tech).  Scholars will have their temperature checked before exiting the car lane.  Parents will be expected to take their scholars home or get them medical attention if they have a high temperature.  Parents are also expected to remain in their cars.  Scholars will be escorted to designated areas by staff. Please be prepared to be patient as we work through this process.

  • Note: Parents of Kindergarten and 1st-grade scholars (along with 2nd grade scholars NEW to Genesis) should have received information about the option of a later arrival for the first two days of school.


Covid-19 Protocols – Due to the continued spread of COIVD-19 we are asking all parents to continue to send their scholars with masks.  Staff members will be wearing masks until further notice.  Genesis will continue to take temperatures as scholars arrive (as noted above). Classrooms have air filters and cleaning protocols are in place. Additional notes on protocols are in the attached Re-Opening plan, which will also be posted to the Genesis website.  Additional questions can be directed to

Parents in Building – Parents should not expect to enter the building during arrival or dismissal unless they have an appointment or are directed to do so by staff. Parents should be prepared to escort scholars into the building if they arrive late (after 8:00 a.m.). Parents who enter the building will be expected to wear a mask.

Dismissal – Dismissal begins at 2:45 for K-4, and 3:45 for grades 5 and up.  All dismissals will be from the car line. Again, patience will be important.  All families will be given dismissal numbers and cards to put on their car dashboard within the first week of school to facilitate the process.  Staff will also have walkie-talkies as back-ups. We will adjust as needed. Note: Please do not park in front of driveways or block streets in the surrounding neighborhood.

Parent Contacts – Please note that our Executive Directors have been assigned differently this year.  Their contact information is as follows::

Your primary contacts are still your scholar’s teachers (for instructional information) and our front desk/customer service specialist Ms. Cazaubon for general information (404-990-3844 and Other important contacts include:

Cell Phones – Remember that Genesis does not allow scholars to bring cell phones, smart watches, or any other personal electronic device (PED) on campus. If parents have extraordinary circumstances that requires their scholar to have a cell phone on campus, those parents must reach out to one of our Deans of Students to inquire about a cell phone contract.

Schedules – Please do not expect to see schedules on the first day.  Changes may occur during the first week and schedules will be sent as soon as everything is finalized.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning as we begin this great journey together.

Be safe, be healthy, be blessed!

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