Genesis Innovation Academy has partnered with powHER project spearheaded by Maria Taylor, in partnership with Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation and Morgan Stanley, to help develop a community of confident middle school girls by through financial literacy, enriching experiences and by exposing them to female leaders in their own communities.


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Maria Taylor

Along with the Teammates for Kids Foundation leadership, Maria Taylor of NBC Sports will lead this exciting new project. Maria will be instrumental in planning experiences and helping mentor these young women.

Maria Taylor is an American sportscaster for NBC Sports. She has worked for ESPN and the SEC Network. She has covered college football, college volleyball, National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), and men's and women's college basketball.

She is most known currently as the lead host of Sunday Night Football.

“I believe in empowering girls with confidence, expanding their world view with new experiences, and showing them they have everything it takes to become trailblazing leaders”


increasing confidence to leave their mark

powHerful Mentors for Girls

How do we inspire our female scholars to make their own mark on the world?

We build up their confidence by demonstrating how female leaders across many fields made their mark.  We provide in-person introductions, interactions, and collaborations with top local female leaders.  We encourage our young ladies to develop their own stories of what they will become.    We help them increase their financial literacy, with projects that include building stock portfolios and reviewing company balance sheets.

Our special partnership with powHer offers all these experiences and more.  Under the guidance of ESPN host Maria Taylor, and partnering with the Garth Brooks Foundation and Morgan Stanley, our scholars are increasing the resolve and understanding they need to achieve their dreams.

Showcasing Female Leaders

Stories of Female Leaders Including:

  • Executives from Fortune 500 Companies
  • Banking/Financial Trailblazers
  • Philanthropic Changemakers
  • Leaders in Healthcare, Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Executives from Fortune 500 Companies
  • Professional and NCAA Sports Programs
  • Female Entrepreneurs
Visit to Jackson Spaulding

In December 2022, our ladies as part of the powHer program  our scholars visited the Jackson Spalding Agency.

The 31 eighth graders toured the Atlanta office and spent time learning from Jessie Starke about graphic design, Aerolyn Shaw about social media and Amber Brownfrom JS’ Human Resources team, shared tips on interviewing for their future jobs.

Finally, the girls channeled their best Maria Taylor and spent time in studio on camera reading their purpose statements – their powHER statements. The agency executives worked with Taylor to coach the girls on their delivery, including helping them find their “powHER stance.”

We heard from a young lady who wants to help the homeless, one who wants to be an OB/GYN and another who would like to become a veterinarian.

Interactive / Educational

Creating interactive/educational experiences that leave the girls inspired to dream big.

Our young ladies are learning from other female leaders in person – visiting their workplaces and seeing the inner workings in different career fields firsthand.

These ground-breaking women are inspiring our ladies to make their own mark on the world. They also provide hope, examples, and vital strategies to help them blaze their own trails.

Some of Atlanta's most renowned organizations, including Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Georgia Tech Athletic Department, the Atlanta Braves, Track Club of Atlanta, and Jackson Spaulding, hosted events and mentoring sessions for our young ladies.

One experience utilized Mercedes-Benz Stadium as the foundation for students to learn properties of the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) curriculum.

Guides educated our scholars about how the STEAM elements operate within the building and how careers align within the sports and entertainment industry.  Our ladies engaged in the VIP tour covering education in areas such as building design and engineering elements, sustainability, sports and nutrition education, the MBS Art Collection and the MBS Urban Garden.

Photos from recent experiences
1200 wide STEAM
Financial Education

Financial Education

In partnership with Morgan Stanley, powHer is building a Foundational understanding of financial literacy. These topics include: saving, budgeting, charity and investments.

One of their ongoing projects involved creating and managing stock portfolios.  This aligns very well with our mission to equip our young people to "create legacies of generational prosperity" by helping them rehearse transforming earnings into wealth.