Special Education/Academic Support Coordinator

The Special Education/Academic Support Coordinator will provide leadership to drive the development of and implementation of academic services for scholars who need support to reach their full potential. The services include special education, student support team (SST) coordination program and supplemental instruction.

The Special Education/Academic Support Coordinator must:

  • Assist in selection, training, and supervision of Special Education personnel
  • Manage the scheduling of special education students and allocation of special education staff to maximize student performance
  • Develop a case management system to monitor and evaluate instruction and service provision for IEP and 504 compliance and best practice implementation
  • Develop IEPs/504 plans, and provide direct services to students with special needs, as needed
  • Serve as a resource for information regarding special education services, programs, and policies and ensure that procedures are appropriate in relation to state and federal requirements
  • Support general education teachers and administrators in the implementation of appropriate accommodations, modifications, and strategies to meet the needs of students with IEPs
  • Analyze assessment results to drive instruction and IEP development; report assessment results
  • Develop and assist with appropriate behavior management strategies for special needs scholars
  • Coordinate assessment program for students with IEPs and 504 plans and use assessment data to refine instructional practice
  • Manage disciplinary process for students with disabilities, including oversight of manifestation determination hearings.
  • Manage relationships with outside vendors to ensure students receive all individually prescribed IEPs services (i.e. Assessments, Occupational Therapy, Language and Speech, etc.)
  • Provide knowledge, guidance, and support to building level administrators and Student Support Team (SST) on the use of research-based instructional practices that improve student achievement
  • Plan and develop a professional learning program for Special Education and SST
  • Provide technical guidance and support for SST’s effective use of behavioral support tools (functional behavior assessment, positive behavioral supports, and behavior intervention plans)
  • Develop and provide ongoing professional development for general and special education staff and administrators on best practices and policies related to special education and SST
  • Timely and accurate preparation and submission of state/federal special education reports
  • Serve a special education liaison to the state of Georgia, including attendance at state meetings and submission of required reports.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Special Education Certification
  • Three years of teaching and/or supervision in the field of special education
  •  Working knowledge of federal and state special education laws and regulations

The Genesis Commitment to Staff

Staff members are highly valued for the support they provide to the overall mission and the instructional program. We view staff as professionals who are fully capable of independent action. Genesis commits to a collaborative process for developing individualized support and coaching plans.  We prioritize respectful scholar-peer and scholar-staff interaction.