What We Teach

The Focus Is Innovation

At Genesis Innovation Academy every student is a scholar. Drilling scholars on worksheets will not prepare them for success in the 21st century world. As more jobs are computerized, the world will reward innovative, “out-of-thebox” thinkers, who create things and solve problems that computers cannot. Computers do not innovate - people do.


What We Teach

At Genesis Innovation Academy, a free public charter school, we teach subjects that matter for 21st century success.



Genesis E5 Curriculum

Genesis develops a student mindset that helps scholars engineer solutions to the challenges and opportunities of each scholar's world.   We give them a foundation that encourages accomplishment regardless of where their talents and passions eventually lead them.


Our Economics curriculum equips scholars with an understanding of how goods and services are produced, how resources are distributed and how individual choices, business decisions and government policies impact people. 

In elementary school, scholars learn how money works and begin to learn how to manage resources. By the time they reach middle school and high school, scholars study real-world, complex economics and finance problems and case studies. 

Through our Economics curriculum, scholars will be equipped with a deep knowledge of the world around them as well as practical skills to manage money and resources in a way that builds generational wealth.


We know every scholar has the ability to innovate and think creatively to solve problems, which is what engineering is all about. 

At Genesis, we teach coding fundamentals, robotics as well as the design process starting in elementary school. Scholars learn to empathize with people and identify problems, ideate potential solutions, design prototypes and test them. 

By the time scholars enter middle school and high school, the design process is second nature. Scholars are in the habit of empathizing with problems they encounter in the world, thinking creatively about solutions, and testing and adjusting the solutions they create. And they have the opportunity to apply their skills to solve complex problems involving public health, environmental crises, and other issues facing our world today. 

Scholars are equipped with the skills they need to change their community and their world instead of waiting on others to change it for them.


Our curriculum is designed to encourage scholars to be seekers of justice and advocates for change. Our history curriculum includes diverse literature, religion and philosophy. We study women and people of color and our contributions to society. 

Our scholars learn to engage with the material and ask questions, instead of just memorizing material for tests. Our faculty act as facilitators to expose scholars to ideas of right and wrong, how those ideas shape the world, and how their own ideas can reshape the world. 

As scholars learn to think critically about how individual choices impact the larger world, they are empowered to become agents of change -- not leaders in the future, but today.


In a typical school setting, English and Language Arts includes reading and writing. But we know there is much more to effective communication. That’s why at Genesis, our Expression curriculum teaches scholars to communicate effectively across all modes of communication including writing, public speaking, performing arts, visual and digital communication.

Our elementary scholars learn public speaking and presentation skills in addition to a typical English and Language Arts curriculum. As our scholars progress through middle and high school, they learn how to apply communication skills in different settings. They master the business writing and public speaking skills needed to succeed at work, the technical writing styles needed for engineering, and the persuasive writing needed to become advocates for what they believe in. The future is digital, so scholars of all ages learn how to best leverage technology to share their ideas. 

Our curriculum is designed to allow scholars to become masters of communication so that they can persuade, inspire and express their ideas clearly and effectively.


At Genesis, we recognize that all scholars have natural entrepreneurial skills. Every scholar has the ability to be a leader, creative thinker and innovator.  

Entrepreneurship is incorporated into our curriculum from the start. In elementary school, we work on public speaking, teamwork and money management. In middle school, scholars create passion projects where they develop and hone their organization and public speaking skills. 

In high school, scholars study marketing, accounting, finance and risk management as they build business plans and prepare to launch their own businesses. Our 9th graders finish freshman year with a pitch night where they pitch their startups and small businesses to members of the business community. 

Scholars graduate fully prepared to start and run their own businesses, to create jobs instead of just searching for jobs. These skills empower them to be leaders in whatever field they choose to pursue.