What We Teach

The Focus Is Innovation

At Genesis Innovation Academy every student is a scholar. Drilling scholars on worksheets will not prepare them for success in the 21st century world. As more jobs are computerized, the world will reward innovative, “out-of-thebox” thinkers, who create things and solve problems that computers cannot. Computers do not innovate - people do.


What We Teach

At Genesis Innovation Academy, a free public charter school, we teach subjects that matter for 21st century success.



Genesis E5 Curriculum

Genesis develops a student mindset that helps scholars engineer solutions the challenges and opportunities of each scholar's world.   We give them a foundation that encourages accomplishment regardless of where there talents and passions eventually lead them.


Economic downturns that produce extreme negative impacts for some communities, while others thrive, is a stark reminder of the need to educate our scholars about money, investment, wealth, and markets.

In Social Studies, scholars will learn how economic motives shape history and current events.

In Applied Math, scholars will solve real-world economics and finance problems and case studies that prepare them for real-life success.

Scholars will learn to master money so that money does not master them!


The current pandemic highlights the need for innovative solutions to complex public health and environmental crises.

Genesis scholars will learn how to engineer technological solutions to these, and other world-changing problems, using concepts taught in our Applied Math, Applied Science, Computing, and Engineering courses.

Scholars will learn how to change their community and their world instead of waiting on others to change it for them.


The world has finally “discovered” uncomfortable truths about social justice – who receives it and who does not. Genesis challenges scholars to seek and be guided by truth. Period.

Our scholars study the Real Story (not just HIS-story), diverse literature, religion and philosophy, and the Arts – exposing them to different ideas of right and wrong, how those ideas shape the world, and how their own ideas can re-shape their world.

Scholars will learn to think critically about how individual choices, and ideas about what is “right”, impact the larger world. Scholars will be empowered to seek truth, speak truth, live truth and challenge others to do the same.


Every scholar has a talent, a gift, or an idea to offer the world. They often struggle with how to express themselves in ways that are meaningful, constructive, and impactful. Genesis scholars will learn how all forms of art, including Language Arts, Music, Visual and Performing Arts can be used to effectively communicate ideas.

Scholars will become masters of communication in order to persuade, inspire, and express ideas clearly.


Our Entrepreneurship courses will include individual and group projects. Scholars will be challenged to leverage and apply all aspects of the E5 Core to generate ground breaking ideas and make those ideas come to life – presenting them in public spaces (print and digital) for review, feedback, and purchase.

Scholars will learn how to create products instead of just consuming products; ultimately, they will learn to be job creators instead of job takers.